Monday, March 10, 2008


Why is it not against the law for them to make it mandatory for us to "spring" ahead and change the clocks ??
That is all we need is to lose an hour sleep that we will never make up.

I am perfectly fine with not changing my clocks and being an hour late for everything .
Everyone will just get used to it "Sarah is coming, she is just late because she did not turn the clocks ahead."
I am fine with that. I think everyone will understand. My friends all know how much I love to sleep.
Anyone remember what is was like to take a nap?


wendy said...

now Sarah, Shame on you! You know the farmers need the extra light to start there spring crops. LOL

I was extra tired this morning too, but I love the extra light in the evening.

See you guys this weekend.
Love ya,

Anonymous said...

I fully understand!
Dennis says that if sleeping was an Olympic sport, I'd be the Gold medalist! :)

However, Zane has put a kink into my sleeping lately as he is waking up before 7am.


Myon said...

I still haven't gotten all the clocks to match. When I changed the hours I lost or added minutes here and there. It drives me nuts for them to all say something different!