Sunday, March 9, 2008

Boys Day!

It was a "boys day" today and Sarah is making me do a post about it online!

My buddy and I started out the day by playing a little hide-and-seek, then we got into a little mishief with a dog or two. So far, just another day in the Lawrence household.

We decided to go out for a bit, so we had to start off at Dunkin Donuts so that I could get my coffee. Maxwell surprised me by telling me that he did not want any of the little Munchkins that they offer to the kids for free. I seriously wondered who had taken my son and replaced him with this other child, while I was sleeping.

Anyway, the imposter and I continued our journey and headed towards Toys 'R Us, but on the way Maxwell saw the sign for Chuck E. Cheese's. He just matter-of-factly from the backseat "Hey, look. It's Chuck E. Cheese's!" I glanced back and asked him if he wanted to go. He had no idea what to say. Seriously, he didn't know if it was a trick question or not. I wish I had a picture of the look on his face!

My goodness, what a great time we had. By the end of our time there, he found himslf with 20 bigger-than-life ants, and a "really cool" clip-on, crayon holding, sketch pad! He behaved SO well, that I KNEW it wasn't really my son.

I decided to push my luck and head over to Toys 'R Us, where he continued his exemplary behaviour. We had promised a while ago to look for some "Alien maker" or something. When we saw that it was sold out, he didn't whine, cry or complain. I KNOW this is not my son, but it REALLY looks like him. I saw a Backyardigans play-doh set that I liked for myself and bought it. I figured that someone might play it with me one day.

Since this alien being was with me, we decided to go to Elmer's fish store. What a busy place! We had been there for about 15 minutes, looked at all of the goldfish, saw the 2 we wanted (and named them.) I then realized that it would be a good idea to take number for service. We were helped quite well by a young man that got the exact goldfish that my buddy wanted. He was thrilled.

Finally on our way home for...

PLAY-DOH time!!!

I think I enjoyed playing with play-doh more than he did. Well, since that is not possible, I can say that I enjoyed it ALMOST as much as he did. He was wonderful with the dogs (mostly) and only drank 5 gallons of chocolate milk.

I LOVED boys day. I hope he did too.


wendy said...

Ha Ha, ONLY 5 gallons of chocolate milk!!! between alyssa and maxwell we should have stock in it.

That sounded like a great boys day. Is the real Maxwell back yet, or is the imposter still around?

see ya soon,
Love ya,

Anonymous said...

You guys are great.
You reminded me to check into lowe's and home depot here for their workshops.

They are saturday and Shea has soccer, but when that is over it is something I want to get him into.

Isn't it just amazing to think about those days at gymboree.
they were ONLY ONE!!!!

ALISSA and Shea

marsha said...

What a WONDERFUL Dad and husband you are. Sarah sure picked a good one (just like she does her friends) LOL Maxwell got two wonderful parents that he will be VERY proud of! (most days that is - cause we all know how we go through those "Parents are AWFUL" times). What I would do to have my Dad back!!! Keep up the good work guys! I love yas!