Thursday, March 6, 2008

Bon Jovi then and now...

Last night Erica and I went to the Daughtry/Bovi Jovi concert.
It was so fun!
I have not been to a Bon Jovi conert since I was 16.

I noticed some differences from then and now...

  • Erica drove her mini-van with the car seats in it
  • I only drank one beer instead of the many, many I drank at the first show
  • I was actually legally allowed to drink
  • My mom knew where I was
  • We left before the encore to avoid traffic
  • I was old enough to be the mother of the girl sitting beside me
  • T-shirts are now 40 dollars
  • Jon's hair is much shorter
  • I was actually annoyed that our seats were far away
  • You now hold up your cell phone during slow songs instead of a lighter
  • Wendy was not there with me
  • I had to get up and go to work the next day instead of sleeping until noon
  • I was not thinking of a boy I liked when they played you give love a bad name (I just thought of how much Brett would hate this concert.)
  • I did not have big hair

Oh, to be 16 again...



wendy said...

That's great. Wish I was there.

Anonymous said...

Oh...Roger Daughtry from the Who?