Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Family Adventure Day

We decided to have family adventure days as much as we can . It is just a fun family day where we have a destination in mind,but no set plans. We can stop anywhere along the way, and it is just a fun way to spend time together.

Here is our adventure day from last weekend...

We had lunch at Joe's Crab Shack at Station Square. Maxwell likes this restaurant and calls it the Krusty Krab. ( Just like on Sponge Bob.)

Maxwell loved the fountain at Station Square...

Went to my favorite bath products store. Love it ...love it !...

It was Maxwell's first time to ride the incline...

Maxwell rode the train through Station Square...

Maxwell got a tattoo. He sure loves tattoos. I am a little bit worried...

We finished the day off for the at Southside Works . We went to the movies to see "UP." It was so good !

I can't wait to see what we will do next weekend !

Maxwell's New Pool

Maxwell got a new little blow -up pool for the yard. He had lots of fun playing in it already.
I thought it was much too cold to be in the water,but he did not seem to mind .

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Yard Sale finds from 5/16/09

It was a great yard sale day. Here is what I found...

Maxwell got a little dog. He named it Martha after the cartoon.- .25 cents

Five blow -up Dinos... Maxwell is going to hang from the ceiling in his room-. $1.25

SpongeBob Movie-$2.00

Stuffed Clown fish that Maxwell wants to hang in his room-.25 cents.

Sign for my downstairs door- $3.00

A snowman for our collection and an elf.-.75 cents

MORE Halloween decorations-$3.75

Thanksgiving decoration-$2.00

I hang these in my windows at Christmas, and I needed more. I found these two for .50 cents .

New skirt with tags, a pair of Guess jeans ,and Capri- all three for $1.50.

Four more games. -$6.25.
We were so excited to find Jumanji as we just watched the movie and Maxwell loved it.

Basket-.25 cents

Three ties for Maxwell- $1.00. He has to wear them to school next year.

Like new Steve Madden shoes- $5.00

Crafts and stickers for Maxwell-$1.25

Christmas Trivia game. I actually bought last week,but forgot to add. -.25 cents

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Garage Sale finds from May 9th

I am keeping track of all the things I buy at garage/yard sales this season.

Here are my finds this week...

New cat bowl for snowflake- $1.25.

Pens sweatshirt for Maxwell-$1.00

Slate plaque for my porch- $3.00

Badminton/volleyball set-$3.00

Three board games-$1.50 ( We have played them a lot already.)

Spoon rest-.25 cents. ( I never have enough spoon rests when I have a party.)

Cat decoration for Halloween-$1.00 ( I know...like we need more Halloween decorations ! )
Books for Maxwell-.50 cents

Fish place mats for the patio table- $2.00

Robot game for Maxwell-$1.00

Total for week- $14.50.

Can't wait until next Saturday !

Mother's Day Adventure 2009

My mother's day started with waking up and getting some great gifts from my boys. I got Brighton jewelry that I wanted.

We went to breakfast at Manor Grill which his my favorite place for breakfast.

We then headed to Laurel Caverns for a tour of the cave.

Here are some pictures...

Me and Maxwell down in the cave.

Cave bat

We stopped to look at the view on our way...

We almost lost our son over the cliff! ( not really )

We stopped at the Woodland Zoo. Here are some of the highlights....

Maxwell loves fish. He even got a new fish hat.

The bear was doing tricks for us.

We sure got a lot of exercise today walking around the zoo.

Maxwell found a cat at the zoo.

I am surprised he did not try to take him home.

We finished our day with dinner at a pizza hut on the way home. What a great day. We are going to try to have more family adventures all summer.