Sunday, May 17, 2009

Yard Sale finds from 5/16/09

It was a great yard sale day. Here is what I found...

Maxwell got a little dog. He named it Martha after the cartoon.- .25 cents

Five blow -up Dinos... Maxwell is going to hang from the ceiling in his room-. $1.25

SpongeBob Movie-$2.00

Stuffed Clown fish that Maxwell wants to hang in his room-.25 cents.

Sign for my downstairs door- $3.00

A snowman for our collection and an elf.-.75 cents

MORE Halloween decorations-$3.75

Thanksgiving decoration-$2.00

I hang these in my windows at Christmas, and I needed more. I found these two for .50 cents .

New skirt with tags, a pair of Guess jeans ,and Capri- all three for $1.50.

Four more games. -$6.25.
We were so excited to find Jumanji as we just watched the movie and Maxwell loved it.

Basket-.25 cents

Three ties for Maxwell- $1.00. He has to wear them to school next year.

Like new Steve Madden shoes- $5.00

Crafts and stickers for Maxwell-$1.25

Christmas Trivia game. I actually bought last week,but forgot to add. -.25 cents

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