Sunday, May 10, 2009

Garage Sale finds from May 9th

I am keeping track of all the things I buy at garage/yard sales this season.

Here are my finds this week...

New cat bowl for snowflake- $1.25.

Pens sweatshirt for Maxwell-$1.00

Slate plaque for my porch- $3.00

Badminton/volleyball set-$3.00

Three board games-$1.50 ( We have played them a lot already.)

Spoon rest-.25 cents. ( I never have enough spoon rests when I have a party.)

Cat decoration for Halloween-$1.00 ( I we need more Halloween decorations ! )
Books for Maxwell-.50 cents

Fish place mats for the patio table- $2.00

Robot game for Maxwell-$1.00

Total for week- $14.50.

Can't wait until next Saturday !

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