Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Not much to blog about...

I have not posted an entry for a while. I don't even have any new pictures to post!Things have been pretty uneventful at the Lawrence house. We are all happy and Healthy!

Maxwell continues to love Kindergarten. He had his first tests last week and did very well on all of them. He loves to do his school work. He started taking a drawing class and he loves it. I will try to scan and post some of the pictures he draws at his class.

We spent last weekend with Wendy and Alyssa. Maxwell was in heaven spending two days with his best friend. I still have high hopes they will get married some day so Wendy and I will actually be related... not that it matters, as she is as close to a sister as I am ever going to have anyway.

I started walking in the morning with my neighbor. We walk at 6:15 AM. Yes, I know you can't believe that "me," that hates exercise, is getting up at 6:15 to walk. But, so far,so good. It makes it easier when I know someone is waiting for me to go.
I am not losing any weight though, especially now that pumpkin spice "Frapps" are back at Starbucks (I do order the "light' version though.)

I went to the doctor on Monday to finally try to figure out why I keep getting my severe migraine headaches. I go on Monday for a MRI, but the doctor thinks the main problem is my over use of Excedrin to treat my headaches. He has put me on a daily medication to prevent the migraines. I hope it helps. I can not take not take medication if I do get a migraine for 2 months, so it had BETTER help! I will keep you updated.

We continue to get ready for the big Halloween party.

We hope to see you all there.

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