Monday, December 22, 2008

Funny Pre-Christmas Shopping Story

I had to run into Wal-mart after work to get my exchange gift for the office Christmas party tomorrow.

I think that Wal-mart may just be hell on earth. There is not one thing I like about it. I only go there because it is basically right across from the street from my house, and it's my only option, unless I want to drive 12 miles to gp to Target.

Wal-mart was just NOT the place to be, three days before Christmas! The checkout lines were a mile long.

I finally found a reasonably short line at one of the self check-outs.

The lady in front of me was having a terrible time trying to get her wrapping paper to scan.

The Wal-mart worker was just standing up in her front guard booth just watching this poor lady, without offering any help.

Finally, the lady picks up the wrapping paper roll and starts to hit the self checkout machine with it. It was so funny.

The Wal-mart clerk comes running over and says "It's not going to make it work by hitting it." The lady replies... "Maybe not, but it sure made me feel better!"

I loved her answer.

Awww..... The joys of Christmas shopping at the friendliest place on earth... Wal-mart!

1 comment:

Alissa said...

i agree.
walmart is a place i mostly avoid.
it is crazy in there.
one tip, don't ever go at midnight.
then it's REALLY SCARY.
( i had to. shea was sick and needed medicine)