Sunday, December 21, 2008

Fun night out

Our Friend Big Bill Came to Pittsburgh for a Visit.
Wendy and I have been friends with him since Jr. high.

Brett, Wendy and I (Kevin could not come) met him and his friend, Schon, for a fun night out on the town.
We started the night with dinner at Hyde Park on the Northshore.
It was so fun to have a night out with Brett and my friends.
I felt like we were back in high school. Well, I guess if we were in high school, we would not have been eating at a place like that... but you get the picture.
I think Brett was pretty proud of me that I made it through the night without laughing so hard that liquid squirted out my nose, like it usually does when I am with Wendy and Bill because I laugh so hard. That would be not good to do in a fancy restaurant.
We had a yummy dinner with lots of fun conversation.
After dinner we walked over to Jerome Bettis's Bar to end the night with a cocktail.
It was just so fun because it was the first time we have all been out together in so long.
We are going to have to make this an annual tradition.

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