Monday, November 17, 2008

Gold Wins Silver

Maxwell’s Dek hockey team had their playoff game yesterday and won the silver medal.
The score was not even close at 10-4.
The blue team was had some really good little players on it.
Maxwell said he liked playing, but you would never believe it when you saw him out here during a game. He would practically jump up and down when the buzzer would ring for him to go on the bench.
He says he wants to play this season, but I think we are going to wait and maybe he can play again in the spring if he continues to say he wants too.
He started to take karate lessons last week and really seem to like that. I was very impressed with the first class. They taught him safety and how to fall correctly. I thought this was great. I don’t want Maxwell to be afraid of everything like some kids, and learn the safe way to do things
Brett is also going to start to take him for ice skating lessons again. He might want to play Ice hockey. Brett keeps hoping!
At least we are exposing him to different activities, and he is learning what likes and does not like.
I will keep you updated on his activities.

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CailinMarie said...

good for them! Silver is a great way to end the season. As a martial arts enthusiast and mom of a black belt, red belt and yellow belt we hope he likes it! Tough but worth it :)