Monday, November 10, 2008

2008 Presidential Election

Maxwell's teacher encouraged us to take Maxwell with us when we went to vote. I was excited to do that (Brett can't vote because he's not an American citizen.)

I remember going with my grandpa to vote when I was growing up. Back then, of course, you went in to a booth with a curtain and wrote down your vote on paper with a pencil. A lot of things have changed.

I hope that Maxwell remembers going with me to vote today and the fact that the first African-American man was elected president.

I have learned a lot during the election.

The most important lesson for me was I realize now that there is never a friendly conversation when you are talking about politics. I vow to only talk about politics with my best friends and my family.

Who knows what the next four political years will hold. I may not be happy with the choice that was made for our next president, but I am willing to have an open mind. I hope that God will give our new president the strength that he needs to run our country to the best of his ability, and keep it safe.

God bless America!

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CailinMarie said...

It is neat to take kids to vote. We talked a lot with our kids this year (they are elementary school ages) about candidates and pros and cons of their platforms and trying to help the kids see that both are good people; but we have opinions about who can take the country where we want it to go.
I too have decided to keep my political opinions rather close to my chest from now on.
And I agree with your prayer.