Thursday, July 17, 2008

Snatch or Stalk

I love to shop. But when I shop, I hate to pay retail price. I am always on a hunt for the best sales.
Since I love name brand fashions and accessories, it is hard to find the things that I want NOW, on sale. So… when I see something I truly want, I need to decide if I should snatch or stalk.
If it is too expensive and I can wait, I stalk. I have been stalking a Lacoste bag at Macy’s for a few months now. I am just waiting for the day I walk in Macy’s and I see the sign that says “SALE” over the display. I’ll snatch it right then and there.
If I see something that is on sale sand I love it… I just snatch. Like the great pair of Jelly shoes I found at Macy’s the other day (yes, I love Macy’s.)
This system works for me and I rarely have buyer’s remorse.
Here are a few pictures of Maxwell shopping with me at Macy’s. He is becoming quite a helpful little shopper. He will help me look for my size and give me his honest opinion if something looks good.

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