Sunday, June 22, 2008

Maxwell's Birthday Party

Maxwell celebrated his 5th birthday by having a big party at Chuck E. Cheese's. All his friends from school were there and some of his other special friends such as Alyssa, Leeann, Colin, and David.

The party was a blast. Chuck E. Cheese came out and lead the group in singing happy birthday.

Maxwell got so many great gifts. It was the best party ever!

That evening he got to pick where he wanted to go and eat. He picked Red Robin.

The staff came out and sang happy birthday to him and gave him an ice cream sundae. Then we let him go to Toys 'R Us to use the gift card that Gung got him for his birthday.

He picked out a "super-fun" Batman castle.
We went home and ended his birthday by watching a new movie he got as a gift.
Mommy and Maxwell were both so exhausted, they ended up falling alsleep before the movie was over. Daddy just shook his head.

What a great day it was!
Happy Birthday Maxwell!

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