Sunday, June 22, 2008

Maxwell and Alyssa

We let Maxwell continue his birthday week by letting his best friend Alyssa spend the night (Wendy and Kevin's little girl.)

They had so much fun playing outside in the sprinkler, then going to Rick's and playing games and eating pizza.

Friday, Gung and I took them to Idlewild. We had a blast riding all the rides and playing all kinds of games. Maxwell even won a BIG fish in the BIG crane machine. Did I mention it was BIG?

When we left the house, the weather said "NO RAIN", but later in the afternoon it started to thunder and lightning. They closed the water park !
We waited it out and it reopend. The kids had a blast playing on the big pirate ship.

But, once again, the storm came and it rained really hard.

We dried off and continued to ride rides and have fun after the rain pasted.

All of a sudden the intercom comes on in the park to tell us that the park is closing because a major storm is coming through. Well, that was fine because we were almost ready to go... but we had the jeep and the top was off!

I, of course, never really learned how to put the top on because that's what Brett is for!

So Gung and I are out in the storm trying to get the top on. We did okay, but water was still coming in and the kids were getting wet. There were no back windows or rear window!

We had to go to Somerset to take Alyssa home. The kids fell asleep just a minute or two after we left the park. They were so tired!

It rained the whole way, but we made it home safely. We can laugh about it now, but at the time it was not so fun.

Maxwell had a great time and was so happy his best buddy Alyssa was able to spend part of his birthday week with him. As soon as we dropped her off he wanted to know when she could come again.

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