Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

Friday night the girls (Marsha and Wendy) and their kids, minus Blake, came down for our annual garage sale.
We had so much fun hanging out together.

The garage sale was a huge success !!

Wendy, my mom, and I got rid of so much stuff (of course, I took all the money I made and went shopping for more "stuff "!)

Brett, being the greatest dad and husband, entertained the kids for us so we could all hang out. He set up our new 8 person tent in the back yard and he and the kids were going to sleep out.

They had a marshmallow fight and set off fireworks.

He even prepared for the campout by printing a scary story off the internet to read to the kids. Well, it was so scary that Maxwell had to come inside and sleep with me!

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