Saturday, April 5, 2008

Date Night

Sarah’s version…
We had a wonderful date night in Cleveland this past week.
We got to go away for a whole night. (No dogs and no kids for 24 hours)
We went to the House of Blues in Cleveland where Brett saw his favorite band, Tower of Power.
It was a great concert. It was so fun being out with Brett even if I don’t really like the music (he will be going to the next Daughtry concert, and I made him listen to Poison on the drive home.)
The House of Blues is a really fun place. We had dinner there too.
We stayed the full service Marriott (at a discount of course) and it was really nice, and for me to say a hotel was nice, it must be really nice!! I did not even inspect the room.
In the morning before we left we ordered room service for breakfast. It was SO fun. Of course if it involves food, I get excited about it.

Brett’s version… Tower of Power! WooHoo!

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