Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sarah's Favorite Holiday

Valentine's day is my favorite holiday...

... because everything is pink (my favorite color), and there are lots of hearts and flowers.

There are special traditions for Valentine's day at the Lawrence house.
A special dinner that usually consists of some sort of pasta dish, my favorite
(you can see how much Maxwell's face enjoyed it in the photo above!)
Of course, we can't forget the valentine gift bag exchange!

This year Maxwell helped me make oatmeal raisin cookies for Daddy which are Brett's favorite.

Brett got a golf gift certificate in his v-day bag. He is very excited about the approach of spring and being able to golf every Saturday morning again.
Brett got me tickets to see my favorite band, Daughtry, which just so happens to be touring with Bon Jovi, who I also like a lot.
I was upset with him for being late for dinner, but when he showed up with a beautiful arrangement of flowers I was over it... mostly.

My mom was here for dinner and she got me some great gifts too (books and angel stuff.)

I also was able to arrange my work schedule so I could help with the Valentine's day party at Maxwell's preschool. It was a fun party for the kids and I got some fun party game ideas.

I am using this blog to help with my scrapbook journaling. I can just print it when I come to that page (thanks for that tip, Myon.) So that is why there may be more details then anyone cares about.

I am sad that Valentine's day is over for another year.

But, looking forward to the next holiday... MY BIRTHDAY!

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